about me

Mac & the Mushroom is a floral design studio based in the NYC area owned by me, Kim Kachougian.  

I work in the film business and one day a few years ago, while working on a movie, I realized that the part I love to design the most, is the flowers!  I started Mac and the Mushroom the next year to allow me to design for private clients on projects such as: small and large scale events, store installations, product launches, floral bars, weddings, photo shoots and more.   Working at Saturday Night Live, designing sets for one of their pre-taped units for the past 6 years, has taught me how to work at lightning speeds with flexibility and ease.

I love color and will incorporate it with personalized items in my designs.  Some of my favorite items to use that create visual happiness for me are herbs, fungi, bark, pampas grass, colorful preserved foliage and feathers.  Having fun while being creative is a luxury I am thankful for.


1012 grand street • #13 • hoboken, nj 07030